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Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome back to school! I hope your summer was relaxed and your family was able to have some fun. I spent most of mine working in my garden and visiting my newest grandson. I loved every minute of it. I wanted to give you some information on upcoming events and some of the things that we need to get the year started. The KES office will be using (Blackboard) instead of (Remind) to send out parent notes and texts this year.  Remind works very well for teachers, but it was more difficult for the office to manage the whole school. If you want to receive  texts from the office, please make sure that we have a cell number as the primary number in SIS when you update information and register your student.

  • Don’t forget to update information and register your student through SIS for this year. If you need help with your password, please contact the office. We have scheduled Aug. 11th and 12th between 9am and 3pm to have some computers setup in the office if you need more help. 
  • Please, Please fill out the free and reduced lunch application as you register your student. We get a sizable amount of money that helps to support us through this resource.
  • FYI- We do not share directory information with anyone except district employees with a direct need. If you choose to restrict directory data when you register, we can’t include your student in class pictures, posted pictures around the school, class lists of names for birthdays and holidays etc… This has confused parents in the past.
  • You can bring in your immunization/exemption form and birth certificate for KG anytime now. The free exemption forms can be done online. You can also get them at the Health Department for a fee. 
  • Back to School Night will be on Aug. 17th, at 6pm at KES. We have the student triathlon registration scheduled to start at 5:00 at the park, but with the pump being out we may just do the bike ride and lap around the track at KES. I’ll let you know soon.
  • The first day of school is Aug. 19th and it will be a short day. We will dismiss at 12:50. No breakfast on the first day of school. It will start on Friday, Aug. 20th.
  • There has been a change in the student dress policy that I wanted to highlight. KES and KMS do not allow hats at school except for motivational activities. This wasn’t done without thought. Students have been using hats and hoodies to tune out in class and to tease and socially separate individuals. We need to focus our attention more on education. We will be using “hat days” as a motivator with the assistance of our teachers. I’ve also included our dress code to help you in your school shopping over the next couple of weeks. 
    • Student Dress Policy
    • KES is an educational environment and students are expected to dress appropriately for the purpose of learning.That is why we ask them to dress differently than for a day at the lake. It does have an effect on how they think and act.
    • Clothes should be neat and clean.
    • Hats and caps are not allowed at KES, with the exception of school wide events such as Hat Day.(This item can be amended by the principal for motivational events.)
    •  Hoodies can be worn with the hood down during the school day. To explain why we have made this change. Hats have been used to avoid identification and to avoid participation in class.  Hats  have also been  used to exclude and tease based on participation in community sports teams. The time used to remind students to remove hats in the building takes away from instruction and other staff duties. Please leave hats and caps at home. 
    • Extremes in hairstyles, body piercings, or hair colors that are a distraction or disruption to the educational environment are not acceptable. Highlights or tips are acceptable if they are not extreme. If in question, ask the administration before any changes are made. 
    • Shirts must cover the shoulder, under the arms, and the belly.  Tank tops are not allowed.
    • Shorts and skirts must be hemmed and mid-thigh or longer in length and completely cover their undergarments.
    • Clothing with print related to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gangs, or obscenities is not allowed.
    • Baggy pants must cover underwear and may require a belt.
    • Flip Flops and shoes with wheels are not allowed.
    • Any student in violation of the “Student Dress and Grooming Policy” may be sent home to make the changes necessary to be in compliance with policy. The student may return as soon as the required changes are made.
    • Coats and Jackets
    • Every year we accumulate a large number of lost coats and  jackets in our lost and found. Please help us get them back to your children by writing their full name, in permanent marker, on the clothing.  During both SEP conference weeks we will display all lost and found items in our main lobby area. Unclaimed items will then be donated to our local thrift store. 
  • FYI-Last minute class change requests can create substantial problems for the office and our teachers. Every year we ask for parent input toward next year’s classes in the spring and will continue to do this in the future. We always tell parents that we can’t guarantee a request for a specific teacher, but try to accommodate as many of the input requests as possible. The entire staff works very hard to create balanced classes and it makes such a difference in the way our school runs. We understand that every once in a while something comes up that might make it necessary to make an adjustment to classes in the weeks before school starts, but we ask you to consider carefully before making these types of requests. We may need to wait for a student to move out of the class before considering moving someone in. 
  • COVID information- I was waiting to send out this note until I had my first principal’s meeting. I have attached the district COVID letter with this email. The short and sweet of it is that we will start the year without COVID restrictions.  As always, students should stay home if they are sick and should not return until symptom free for 24hrs with any illness. This one thing will help to keep our community healthier. We’ll continue to encourage healthy practices, because it just makes sense and it was nice not to have as many colds and flu as we usually do. Students are welcome to wear a mask if they like but not required.  We will also keep plenty of sanitizer around the building and our custodians do a great job keeping our building clean. Thank you all for being so supportive and encouraging of what we did last year. I think we all did an amazing job staying healthy and keeping our kids in school. The teachers and I are so excited about being able to focus completely on educating your children this year.


Say “HELLO” to the kids for us and see you all soon for another great year at Kanab Elementary School! 

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